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Another season of bone-crushing tackles and action-packed plays is here! Before football betting online, establish your game plan. Football Betting Information has all the information you need to stay connected, including the 2005 NFL schedule game rules, football betting tips, and more!

Wagering on football betting lines is an enjoyable way to get more involved with your favorite sports. You can bet with confidence at many online football betting sportsbook but make sure you’re fully aware of the football betting lines and the types of bets you wish to use. We have experience you can rely on, and a professional customer support team to back you up all the way. Our informative sports NFL and college football betting services have been operating since 1998 with much success.

NFL NCAA Football Wagering
First Half Wagering: A bettor may wager a straight bet on which team will win the first half of action in just the same fashion as if he were placing a side bet for the entire game, only in this case, the event “ends” at the conclusion of the first half. A bettor may also place a similar wager on the total points scored in the first half of a given game, just like wagering on the total of a full game, only in this case the event ends at the conclusion of the first half. When placing a first half wager, ONLY the first half of action matters in determining the outcome of the wager.

Halftime wagers: Halftime lines are posted by the operating sportsbook betting site line manager soon after the completion of the first half of play. A player may then place a straight side wager on which team will win the second half and the player wins or loses solely on the scoring done after halftime as what happened in the first half is irrelevant to that wager. A bettor may also place a similar wager on the total points scored in the second half of a given game, just like wagering on the total of a full game, only in this case the outcome of the event is determined by only considering those points scored in the second half. When placing halftime wager, ONLY the second half of action plus any overtime scoring matters in determining the outcome of the wager.

Quarter wagers: Many online sportsbook betting sites will also offer first quarter, second quarter, third quarter and fourth quarter wagering on select Football games. When wagering on these events, only points scored in the selected quarter count towards the outcome of the wager. Points scored in any overtime period(s) will NOT count on a fourth quarter wager.