Why is it so hard to pay attention in class?



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Paying attention in class was always hard for me.

There was a combination of reasons why I found it hard to pay attention. Whenever I was sitting in class, I would think about the money I could be making if I was working or selling something. I would also think about how boring the information was that was being shared in this class.

I don’t know if this resonates with you or not, but I have a hard time concentrating on something that I’m not interested in. If this sounds like you, this post will help you.

Why is it so hard to pay attention?

One of the factors that you cannot change is who your professor is. This individual is going to be your professor for the rest of the semester and you better get used to that.

Sometimes these professors are so boring that it makes going class a task in itself. What you need to do in order to combat this is to go to class a little early and sit in the front of the room. When you choose to sit in the back, you subconsciously accept the fact that your brain is not going to pay attention.

By sitting in the front of the class, you are forcing your brain to wake up and pay attention. It’s disrespectful for a person in the front row to fall asleep in class, while it’s a little more acceptable for someone sitting in the back of the classroom.

When you are in the front of the class, you also hear everything that your professor says and don’t get distracted by that cute boy or girl that is in your class that you have a crush on.

Use Mind Maps to Take Notes

Mind maps are by far my favorite tool for remembering information. If you don’t know what a mind map is, it’s a web of information that contains images, words and colors to help you relate to information and to remember information more.

Dale Sweetland, author and essay writer says : “Start with a blank sheet of paper and draw a picture that represents what your class will be talking about in this particular day. Get different color markers or pens to relate different ideas. Colors create associations in your brain and help you remember information better and are a great college studying tip.”